Retreats for Women: Exploring New Possibliites

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A must attend retreat to begin your year on purpose!

2014 Architect & The Tree participant -
Silver Spring, MD

It is a wonderful "eye-opening" affirming experience. So often we stay in our own world believing that our experiences, fears, doubts and setbacks are an indication of our personal failure. It was a great reminder that as women we all have a powerful story to tell - more importantly, we share more and have more in common than we realize.

Abby L -
Washington D.C.

To the constant delight of her audiences and fellow travelers, Mozella's unique stories and experiences provide an entertaining and transformative backdrop that nourishes mind, body, and spirit. Mozella has an irresistible and mesmerizing voice, and the poetry she has written to accompany her is exquisite.Mozella's poetry to music creates a captivating picture in your mind. Her words remind us of our unique individuality to blossom in the world. Her sounds are soothing, provocative and unusual. I highly recommend her CD.

Carol J. Piras - The Piras Group
San Francisco Bay Area

What a phenomenal experience. I came with no "real" definitive expectations. I am walking away with a sense of renewed power …my story is one that I will share with others. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a safe environment to share and explore myself ."This event has reached every facet of me - intellectual, emotional & physically. The exploration has opened my mind to new possibilities!

Damariz W -

I prayed for a blessing, I prayed for a key to unlock my mind, my heart, my emotions … Love Is A Mountain beckoned … I am honored to have learnt from Mozella and the brave great circle of powerful women. In this retreat, I was taught, I was educated, I am motivated, inspired and empowered

Dawn Hastings -
Nairobi Kenya


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